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Syllabus & Examination

  • A syllabus tailor made to suit students in NZ
  • A syllabus that gives importance to a students ability to perform as well as theoretical knowledge
  • A syllabus produced by your teachers with their students in mind
  • A syllabus recognized by many reputable institutions in India
  • A syllabus that belongs to the NZCMS which no other institution or individual can walk away with
  • A marking system and board that is transparent
  • Detailed results so that students are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and can improve
  • A practical assessment that will take place in an open forum.

NZCMS Centre of Learning prospectus covering all disciplines and stages 1 to 6 is available for a charge. Please contact our secretary or order a copy through your Guru.

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21st Feb 20122nd - 4th Jun 2012



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Postal Address

Secretary, NZCMS

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Balmoral, Auckland

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