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There are SIX stages in the NZCMS Syllabus.

Stage 1 to Stage 6

  • At end of Stage 4
  • Students who have appeared examinations from Stage 1 to Stage 4 in any discipline are awarded a Certificate in Carnatic Music

    Those wishing to advance may continue and attempt the Diploma Stages - 5 and 6

  • Stage 5 and Stage 6
  • These diploma stages compulsorily include a component where the candidate, apart from practical and theory exams, must perform a kutcheri, as per duration outlined in the prospectus, in the traditional format with appropriate accompanying instruments.

  • At end of stage 6
  • Students will be awarded a Diploma in Carnatic Music

    Students will also be awarded a Gana Visharad / Vadya Visharad - Title

  • Where can you go with NZCMS qualifications?
  • Obtaining the NZCMS Diploma can enable you to pursue further studies from some reputed Universities in India that offer Carnatic music. Kindly contact us if you need further information or guidance.

    NZCMS Centre of Learning prospectus covering all disciplines and stages 1 to 6 is available for a charge. Please contact our secretary or order a copy through your Guru.

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