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Please renew your Membership.


Membership for the year 1st July 2022- 30th June 2023
Adult Membership:
1st Adult Membership: $ 90.00
2 Member Family: $ 165.00
3 Member Family: $ 240.00
Each Additional Member: $75.00
Student/Junior Membership
Student / Child: upto 21 yrs: $ 40.00


Please click here for the membership form and email it with your current contact details to [email protected] Also please attach payment confirmation.


  1. The payment is to be made by Electronic Transfer

    For adult, family and student membership, our bank account is: 12-3060-0272132-000 and kindly use the word MBR and your surname as reference.

    For payment of examination fees our bank account is: 12-3060-0272132-001 and kindly use your name or surname and EXAMFEES as reference.

    Kindly email us the date and reference number after the transfer.

We request you to collect your new membership cards (2021-2022) from us upon renewal during subsequent programmes and event days that you might attend.

If you are unable to collect your membership card at upcoming events, please email [email protected] after you have renewed, so we can make alternative arrangements to deliver the card to you.

29th Jan 2012 26th Feb 201217th Mar 201215th Apr 2012
21st Feb 20122nd - 4th Jun 2012



[email protected]

Postal Address

Secretary, NZCMS

PO Box-96260

Balmoral, Auckland

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