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The New Zealand Carnatic Music Society (NZCMS) was registered in September 1999, the first and only one of its kind in New Zealand. The main aim of the Society is to propagate and encourage Carnatic music in New Zealand. Towards this end, the Society has organised and conducted many programs in the past few years.

NZCMS annually dedicates 4 monthly programmes in conducting Aradhanas for the Carnatic Musical Trinity, Sri Thyagaraja Swami, Sri Syama Sastri and Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar and Sri Purandara Dasa and other composers. Fund raising programs like ‘Amrithavarshini’, ‘Nrityanjali’ and ‘Swararagasudha’, and innovative quiz anthakshari programmes such as "Sangeetha Rasa Manjari" have also been conducted by the Society.

NZCMS has made it a practice to provide atleast 3 free concerts for members every year. These concerts have been from world renowned Carnatic musicians. A full list is available in the Archives tab above. NZCMS has been providing a platform for local artistes including teachers, students and visiting artistes to showcase their talents.

NZCMS established its education wing- the ‘Centre of Learning’ in 2003. The Centre’s objective is to motivate and engage Students, our Yuva Bharathi, in the learning and appreciation of Carnatic music. A regular platform for performance is provided on a monthly basis to all schools affiliated with NZCMS Centre of Learning.

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