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Please renew your Membership.


Membership Renewal for the year 1st July 2018- 30th June 2019
Adult Membership:
1st Adult Membership: $ 90.00
2 Member Family: $ 165.00
3 Member Family: $ 240.00
Each Additional Member Thereafter: $75.00
Junior Membership
(Students / Child: 6 yrs to 21 yrs): $ 40.00


We request all the members to kindly fill in the membership form and email it with their latest personal details to [email protected] confirming the payment details.

The payment options are as follows:

  1. By cheque payable to:

    New Zealand Carnatic Music Society and post it to:

    b>NZCMS, PO Box 96 260, Balmoral,Auckland

  2. By Electronic Transfer

    For adult, family and student membership, our bank account is: 12-3060-0272132-000 and kindly use the word MBR and your surname as reference.

    For payment of examination fees our bank account is: 12-3060-0272132-001 and kindly use your name or surname and EXAMFEES as reference.

    Kindly email us the date and reference no. after the transfer.

Your new (2018-2019) Membership Cards can be collected from us upon renewal on subsequent programme and event days.

If you have any queries or concerns, please email [email protected]

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21st Feb 20122nd - 4th Jun 2012



Ashok Devarajan

[email protected]

Postal Address

Secretary, NZCMS

PO Box-96260

Balmoral, Auckland

Copyright NZCMS 2011.